Nov 072015

Well, hot damn! We’ve really gotten to hear our share of some great music over the past few months. Let’s get right to them.

Back last August 21st Catt and I met up with Jennifer Skates and went to Zydeco to hear a relatively new band out of Tuscaloosa called CBDB who were opening for George Porter Jr. & the Runnin’ Pardners.  CBDB has an interesting prog rock vibe with music that is intricate and fairly complex but they do so without losing the listener and they keep the beat solid and in the pocket, so its prog rock you can dance to and some might even mistake it for “jam band” music, but it’s not. One of the more impressive moments of their set was their cover of “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz.  They were followed by George Porter Jr. who made his bones and the bassist for the legendary funk band, The Meters.  George and his band, The Runnin’ Pardners blew the roof of Zydeco. When they sang “Aint nobody gonna out funk me” from Funkify Your Life, they were throwing down a challenge which the crowd responded eagerly to. Continue reading »