Feb 222017
  • Part I

    For a while, the Swedes have been having trouble with Russian submarines being spotted in the waters near Stockholm since 2013-2014. Back in 2015 some Swedish peace activists lowered a flashing gay sailor beacon to mess with the Russians and draw international attention to what is going on there.

    The “experts” have speculated that the Russians may be trying to map the waters, leave intelligence/surveillance beacons or doing general reconnaissance. It hasn’t occurred to any of these ‘experts’ that perhaps the submarines were running a shuttle service right into the fjords near Stockholm or maybe even trying to distract and leave subtle evidence of their presence and activity so that they can accomplish other goals. Maybe a little of both? hmm.

    Last December it was reported that due to recent Russian aggression against Sweden the Swedes had found it necessary to restore their cold war defense systems …which they had dismantled and put in museums 20 years ago.

    In January of this year, the Swedish Institute of International affairs accused Putin of using “forgeries, disinformation, military threats and agents of influence” to disrupt Sweden-NATO cooperation.”

    Part 2

    The so-called ‘Swedish Democrat’ party has gone from being an obscure fringe party since it’s founding in 1988 to making municipal govt. gains in 2006 to gaining 20 seats in Parliament in 2010, to becoming Sweden’s third largest party in 2014. This is a single issue party that has risen on a wave of anti-immigrant hysteria.This party has its roots in a nazi past. http://foreignpolicy.com/…/how-a-former-neo-nazi-party-bec…/

    The presence of Russian submarines along with the rise of internal dissension is a most curious thing. I’m just sayin.’

    Rinkeby, Sweden is where a number of these recent so-called “riots” have occurred. The most recent …which occurred after Trump had denounced it …or some event that otherwise never happened… began with the police arresting someone who was wanted in relation to a narcotics warrant. Apparently a few of his friends got belligerent. It appears that this triggered a separate incident later on that night where it was reported that 15-20 men started smashing stuff and assaulted a reporter (whose name I have not been able to find …which is a curious omission, to say the least.) In the last election Stockholm, of which Rinkeby is a suburb, went for …drum roll… The Swedish Democrats.

    The Swedish press didn’t release information regarding the ethnicity of those involved. I checked with some help from translate.google. However some outlets reporting these stories in the national and international media have put images of brown people climbing fences and what not …subtly threatening anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic highly questionable propaganda. It is most curious to see that there is a very similar story.. going back to 2010.. almost identical …that can be seen at: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/…/06/rioting-in-rinkeby.h…

    The source article makes an odd observation that the police station was attacked and that “23 windows were smashed.” Glad they had time to count. This almost makes the behavior look like a canard and I have seen some stories suggesting that the images are being reused from a different event. I haven’t checked into it as it is beyond the purview of my investigations.

    In 2012 Par Norling, speaking to the media on behalf of the Swedish Democrat party said,

    “that Islam has no place in Sweden. “That can exist elsewhere but in Sweden it doesn’t fit,” he said to Sweden’s national television SVT.
    When asked what ought to be done with those who still want to believe in the religion, despite it being banned, Norling responded: “Then the solution is deportation.””

    This same article goes on to say: “On Friday, the Swedish Democrat Sven-Erik Karlsson commented on the harassment Somalian families have been suffering from teens in the town Forserum, in southern Sweden, saying that all Swedish municipalities ought to have gangs to harass refugees.”

    ** Since I got these quotes from an anti-Islamic, anti-Immigrant site I’m not going to share the link. You can google it if you really want to. **

    What is clear from the above is an attitude that immigrants and refuges should be persecuted and preyed upon …”there ought to be gangs to harass refugees.” Sheesh. So we can see a rising political party fomenting persecution, dissidence, hate and destruction as a way to political power …an ever-effective if obvious tactic. Is it really that far fetched to think that they they might have a hand in these attacks and riots against the cops? Back in February of 2016 it was reported that an Australian film crew for 60 minutes was attacked by a group of masked men in Rinkeby. In March of that same year it was reported that this was a set up by a Swedish Breitbart type of “alt right” site called Avpixlat:

    “In a report on Swedish website Avpixlat dated February 29, Jan Sjunnesson claimed he had “guided” 60 Minutes presenter Liz Hayes and three crew members into Rinkeby, a suburb in which nearly 90 per cent of residents are immigrants.”


    Apparently these Australian reporters were set up to be set upon by masked operatives after their police escort mysteriously left them …which unfortunately suggests that the police have been infiltrated and compromised by Swedish Democrat agents, a hypothesis further bolstered by Swedish Police officer, Peter Springare’s viral anti-immigrant facebook rant. http://www.thelocal.se/…/swedish-police-officer-causes-cont…

    Part 3

    Another story worth mentioning is that yesterday Montenegro accused Russia of trying to undermine it’s government and foment a coup. It seems that Putin’s fingerprints are all over the planet and that there seem to be connections between place of covert Russian activity and the rise of anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic currents. …Of course we do get the word “Caucasian” from the Caucasus mountains. Let me conclude that I’m not saying that Putin alone is responsible or anything like that. There has always been more than a merely psychological connections between fascists and corporate social behaviors and corporations are natural breeding grounds for fascism. However I am suggesting that Putin has mastered synchronizing his ambitions with corporate global aims and has mastered massaging international situations to achieve what appears to be an overarching if obscured strategy.


    Russia, of course, vehemently denies and is insulted and shocked by Montenegro’s accusations.

    Is the anti-immigration right on the rise in Sweden?

    Profile: Far right Sweden Democrats