Nov 072015


After a lengthy hiatus from the blogosphere, I’m getting this baby cranked back up. There’s been too much water  under the bridge since I last posted or even cared about posting. I have a whole lot on my plate and so this won’t be as regular sooner as it will be later. I know that right now the design is bare bones but that is sure to change …so stay tune to watch the evolution! This site will serve as an archive for various things I’ve done over the years and I’ll post them as I find them or think them relevant. I’ll also be posting news items that I think are worth sharing. I’ll also be writing reviews about some of the bands I’ve been hearing, some of the books I’ve been reading …yes, people do still READ …books….  and some of the videos and movies I’ve been seeing. There will inevitably be the obligatory political and social rants and then there will be a whole assortment of other items that I find of interest and wish to pass on to posterity.  In this way we’ll get to know one another. Continue reading »