Vase Flowers


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From Workingman’s Bread. || Personnel: Brandon Allison: Drums Steve | Casteel: Guitar | Rick Glaze: Bass, Vocals | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vocals

My last flower lies wilting in her vase
A single beam of starlight silhouettes her face
I leave in the night-time and tend to my task
Secret whisper tells of me all that she asks:

Why does he stalk so quietly down the corridor?
Why does he silently unlatch the door?
Who is the stranger in his body that sleeps next to me?
What has become of him? What does he see?

Sunlight splash upon bedroom window pane
She turns and sees that I’m home once again
“Good morning,” from her lips, but questions in her eyes
She’s looking into me past all of the lies

Who is the stranger in you?
Why have you gone away?
You’re not the same person that was in you, yesterday.
Not the one that I married, vase flowers are dead.
Not the one that I knew, vase flowers are dead.

Flowers bloom in a field where a house used to be.
Vase flowers are dead and wild flowers free.
Nothing remains, no memory.
Vase flowers are dead and wild flowers free.

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