Turning To


Music: Bobby Shiflett | Words: Jennifer Skates

Memories of love in tune,
when cleaving hearts were burning new.
Rest your mind my thoughts hold you
Among fantasies that grew

When I was alone and I could feel your presence
that felt so real I’m sent into reminiscence
of lingering glances filled with soft confessions
Emblazoned in my mind as a true obsession

My rose-colored glasses slipped and flew
when I realized I wouldn’t break through
the world that called you to “make do”
leaving me out there turning to

Thinking of how we both felt lost and cheated
by letting go, bereft and so uncompleted.
From simmering heat that left us so unseated
it burns right now for me it never depleted.

No turning back from blinding proof
that two souls burn unending truth;
of suffering storms unspent in youth
keeps fervent agony in bloom.

You could live halfway across a vast, deep ocean
holding fast now to the First Law of Motion
my ship keeps sinking deep with new devotion
to a past I’ll relive in slow motion

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