Music: Bobby Shiflett | Words: Jennifer Skates

Call from afar, a distant sweet surrender
Sighing sun is slowly sinking west.
Shades of light on light, a strength within you’ll find
Chasing the darkness from your chest.

Believing in spring, when Fall spells disaster.
Bringer of dreams, soul-filling rapture.

A mountain top no more to hide in slumber.
Flying over Plateaus from the past.
Racing winds behind you swiftly help to seek and find
Your way uphill so very fast.

Hope is the thing, when wings lose their feathers,
Phenomenal feat, it keeps you together.

A thrilling flight through faith of fine invention
No microscope was meant to see.
On cruising clouds will your true paradise be found
Unlike that fruit falling from trees.

Scatter defeat, your willing foe outnumber
Till enlightenment sings, unencumbered

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