Simple Feelings


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett

Simple feelings, trying to love
Love the world and love you
My vision is blurred from too much wine
And the other drugs that I do
Walk a line with a smile on my face
And a tear in my eye
I’ve been brought down to earth
They clipped my wings so I couldn’t fly

I can fly…
How I can fly..

Went up in the sky and looked down
Nothing but mirror below
Reflecting dreams in running streams
I saw myself in the snow
The sun came up and blinded my eyes
And it singed my wings
Broke the mirror when I hit the ground
Now, all I do is sing.

I can sing
All about my dreams

It’s more than a reflection and it’s more than life
It’s more than a dream and it’s more than me

Simple feelings
Overwhelm me
So revealing
As to what will be

The year about to turn, the day was grey
Storms were on their way
To make dark our days
Because we walk different ways

Different ways
We walk different ways

It’s more than a dream and it’s more than me
It’s as big as life and what will be

Simple feelings
Overwhelm me
So revealing 
As to who we are

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