Love Nazi


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett

It started with a hippy, but things got too trippy
Kissed that flower goodbye
Became a gentile giant, emphatic and defiant
Mistress to a lie

The boys in the back had a plan of attack
They were organized
Another love nazi fed the papparazzi
The world was so surprised

(You have my complete and undivided attention. I believe I know your intentions. 
I think you know my position. I’m humbled and I’m shy.)

The joint was a jumpin’, the bodies were a bumpin’
The band was pumpin’ their sound
They rolled her on the floor. She was screaming for more.
She was so astounding.

I saw right away that I had to make a play
To get up by her side.
So I walked like a gator and talked like a Satyr
And took her on the midnight ride. 

(She’s outside my window. I wonder, where did she go?
Looking down, solo. Did she get vertigo?)

Tell me baby, where do I stand?
Will you save me? Untie my hands?
Beat me witless, for a thrill?
Kick me shit-less until I am still?

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