Words and Music: Bobby Shiflett

So you want to go into your mind
What do you think you’re gonna find?
Something to help? Something you can use?
Something to hold onto? Something to abuse?

What do we see when our dreams all fade away?

So now we’re ready. We’re really ready to rock and roll.
I can feel it, feel it, feel it, in my soul.
Where I come from Sol is the sun.
Where I come from, sole means one.

What do we see when our dreams all fade away?

We journeyed to the stars and sent a probe to mars
And put it all on the credit card
So you people can stare straight ahead
And you’ll believe
Every word they’ve said

The path dips and slips and trips in many ways
Vanishing, vanishing, gone in a purple haze
And all of the while this is the land of the free
America, America …anarchy.

What do we see when our dreams all fade away?

Out there beyond the sun where all of the angels and the comets run
They say there’s a man who can get things done.
So you people stare straight ahead
And you’ll believe every word I’ve said.

Gather ’round close and I’ll tell you a lie
Pull a cat from my hat …and an alibi.
I’ll roll you in clover and throw sand in your eye.
Over and over, we’ll laugh ’til we cry.

(For days and days we cried. Cry all of Zion for your days are numbered and your inequities are piled up to the heavens.) **

** This is a reiteration from the Every Little Flower version of Magick/New Dawn in Babylon where David Parker sings those lines in the segue between the two songs. It was put at the end of this song to tie the themes from Magick/New Dawn to Departure.

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