Amazing Journey


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett

The boatman says he’s taking us, be at the shore, tonight.
An amazing journey …we won’t believe our eyes
The first days are the worst days before the spring breeze blows
We move along the river seeing mysteries of old:

Up on the high rocks lizards seem to dance
Singing songs, electric but lost in worthless chants.
They have no life or love …just empty eyes
They forget the heartbeat. They forget their lives.

The last days are the best days before the winds blow cold
We move along the river. Still, we move so slow
We live and we die, but we always return home
It shelters us from winter, and makes us forget we are alone

Hidden by these clouds: another promise
Unseen by my eyes, still it must be there
We move along the river that flows from our tears
We move along the river searching slowly through the years.

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