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The Symphonette is sort of an organic work that has morphed and changed over the years. It’s probably one of my personal favorites. A while back some online commenter opined that we ripped it off from Mogwai, a band I had never heard of until that remark. This song is much older than Mogwai. We first began developing it around 1986 and was performed by the first version of Poor Richard’s Almanack.  The Symphonette begins in D Maj but ends in D min. The “Tomorrow Never Knows” homage for the intro is a fairly newer addition. Since, I see the song as a musical interpretation of a musical journey, it seemed appropriate to make reference to The Beatles at the beginning since they represent the beginning of my own musical journey. The movement after that is the original first movement and was known affectionately as “Geek is Adam” …a phrase that came out of a dream. The original version had a harpsichord piece for the second movement, which has since been replaced with an instrumental interlude from another song, “Love and Peace.” …So the 3rd movement of the current version is called: “The Love and Peace Overture.” The ‘Arabesque’ 4th movement was originally created by Mark Komater and then I tinkered with it to fit it in. The sort of ‘sturm und drang’  sounding final movement is the most recent addition to the Symphonette and was written while I was watching Sir Lawrence of Arabia; especially the scene where Lawrence rides out into the desert to save the man he would later have to kill. I wrote the final movement to intentionally serve as a live intro for the second version of 432.

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