Pike’s Peak or Bust


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From By Turns || Chris Casteel: Drums | Stephen Casteel: Guitar | Danny Everitt: Bass | Melinda Everitt: Vox & Percussion | Bobby Shiflett: Guitars, Vox, Keyboards

Just another Friday, there was no telling why
You listened to The Beatles, dug that ‘Lucy in the Sky’
Then a friend came over and had a surprise
Had to see things different looking through the velvet eye

I hope this trip won’t take much time
Where is the orange sunshine?

Went up on a mountain and looked upon an age-old dream
Didn’t make much sense, there were too many sticky strings
They rippled like creation’s web of silver light
Another demonstration of a genius gone awry

I hope this trip won’t take much time
Where is the orange sunshine?

Never coming down again, it’s gotten away from me
Always round and round again, I understand this perfectly
Thirteen hours up and down, the ground shifts suddenly
On the out-bound again, we are never truly free.

Some restrictions may apply, we may not tell you why
Why should we let you by, everyone who lives must die
One day fresh the next day old, first we’re bought and then we’re sold
One day hot, the next day cold, first we grab and then we hold
…Let go.
…Let go.

If you stick around, we’ll lose our minds
Drink to better days we’ve left behind
Scream at the midnight, the moonlight is still sublime
If you stick around, you better have a good time

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