Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From By Turns. || Stephen Casteel: Lead Guitar | Andrew Reid: Bass | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar & Vox | Kenneth Shiflett: Drums

What are you afraid you’re going to lose this time?
I know sometimes it’s hard to swallow
Everybody has got to sweat sometime
But how the sky glows, as the day goes and still the sky glows

Mine is a mood of thirty-one flavors.
I’ve got more color than a rainbow could know
I won’t do you any favors
And I hope that this will comfort you, it’s the best I can do

The satellites are looking bright, tonight
The TV only shows arriving UFOs
We stood upon the earth and marveled to the skies
It felt like the first time I had opened up my eyes

Now this world is full of thunder
And a fear has taken hold
Try to find that sense of wonder
That you used to know, wonder made us grow, remember that you know

The aeroplanes are flying high tonight
Transmitting to the mind as they criss-cross through the skies
We stood upon the earth, I felt a tremble from inside
It felt like the first time I knew I had to try.

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