In the Shadows


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From By Turns || Chris Casteel: Drums | Stephen Casteel: Guitar | Jim Evans: Tuba | Danny Everitt: Bass | Melinda Everitt: Vox & Percussion | Bobby Shiflett: Vox, Acoustic Guitar | Matt Slocum: Piano

What’s that she sings when her eyes are full of fire?
The chorus takes a year so no-one will hear
Who is that she sees when she’s standing in the shadows
Hiding all the day along the Great White Way?

Let’s all lay low so we can sneak up on the lion
And we’ll grow fat as we feast upon his hide
And God may grant us another day to hide
From all the monsters that are lurking on the inside
…in the shadows.

A short little pub drinking ditty. We recorded it during the Professor Marvel: Velvet Eye sessions with Frank Piggot. We had  Jim Evans who has since become a band composer and ban come in on Tuba. We were also fortunate enough to have Matt Slocum sit in on piano for this one. This was back in his early days before he was playing with the likes of Col. Hampton and Jimmy Herring.

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