Sunny Jim Saves the Day Pt. 1


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From 2004 Redux || Andrew Reid: Bass | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vocals | Kenneth Shiflett: Drums || Recorded by Bob Russom at Gintown Graysville.

The prophet said, “hard rain is gonna fall,”
And eat away the earth
Not enough time for one life after all
Just a dash between your death and birth

I don’t believe in destiny, sometimes I believe in fate
I can hear the riders approaching me, and I know that the hour is getting late

A painted picture is all we’ve ever been
Painted and framed from within
Slim and trim, just like Sunny Jim
He’s going to win, but there he goes again

He knows that it’s his destiny to be the master of the race
But time approaches Sunny Jim like a runaway midnight train
And he never learned how to wait.

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