OSIS: One Star in Sight



Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From 2004 Redux || Andrew Reid: Bass | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vocals | Kenneth Shiflett: Drums || Recorded by Bob Russom at Gintown Graysville.

Looking skyward, embrace the night
Who will guide you and bring you to the light?
Who will hold you and tell you it’s alright?
No star in sight, no star in sight

The whitest swan floated in the blue
Lifted up her wings and away the ages flew
Mighty Orion sing to the stars
I just hope we get that far

Looking forward, embrace the day
Now is the time we were on our way
What specter to show the way?
One star to rule the day

Mighty Mithras ignite the sky
Apollo sing of ancient days gone by
No guilt or sin, no damning fall
Love is the law, after all

Looking skyward, the Night of Pan
Forever guided by unseen hands
“Do what you will,” shall be your sacred right
One star in sight, one star in sight

Among these darkened, satanic mills
Shining forth, one unbending will
Some are born to sweet delight
And some are born to endless night


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