Appalachian Ritual Song


Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From 2004 Redux || Andrew Reid: Bass | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vocals | Kenneth Shiflett: Drums || Recorded by Bob Russom at Gintown Graysville.

Songs from behind the trees
Fall flowers and evergreen
Fill my head with mysteries
Of things I’ve never seen.

Crossroads and moonlight
Go together in a strange sort of way
When someone comes, get out of sight
Our souls to keep we pray

The hills call out in a hungry tone
When trees are bare, she’s so cold
She’s withered many a man to the bone
And stripped him of his soul.

Songs from behind the trees
The burning of the hickory scent
Autumn fires and incense pyres
Mark the way the witches went.


I originally wrote this song sometime in the fall of 1985 while sitting in a park near Little Five Points in Atlanta. The lyrics came before the music and were inspired, oddly enough, while listening to a very enchanting piece of hammer dulcimer music that had nothing whatsoever in common with this song.

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