Words & Music: Bobby Shiflett
From 2004 Redux || Andrew Reid: Bass | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar, Vocals | Kenneth Shiflett: Drums || Recorded by Bob Russom at Gintown Graysville.

Room change,
Feel the heat and know the weather
Darkness falls on cornfield and factory alike
Crossing continents,
The day breaks hour by hour
Each moment approaches like a beam of light
Crossing this: our planet
Far flung to the heavens are all of our hopes and theories
For such is a fantastic mechanization:
The mind.

Look at your watch.
It is 4-32
This I give to you from a pre-directed source
Big brother Benjamin sold out your mothers and fathers and children
Each responding to whatever it is they see before them.
Becoming exact
Statistical measurements
On the grand chronometer
Like laboratory mice engaged in that noble sacrifice
Of giving life
All for the benefit of mankind.


There are actually two very different versions of this song. This one is the second version. The first version was done by Every Little Flower. E.L.F. recorded it live at Airwaves Studio and so a version of the original 432 still exists on DAT in the archives.
This 2004 version also originally featured a minister’s oratory at the beginning, talking about “40 acres and a mule,” but this was scrubbed at the cd plant and there doesn’t seem to be another version available. This version is more straightforward and bombastic.
I originally wrote 432 as a contemplation about synchronicity. I had been around a few people who seemed very tuned into 11:11. They had gotten to where they would reflexively look at the clock at 11:11. This, combined with my observations about some other people involved in gematria and numerology got me thinking about the way people are attached to numbers and the more significance that they attach to a given number the more frequently they notice appearing in their daily lives. I don’t think it’s really about the numbers themselves, but more about our attention and how we tune it. I decided to focus on numbers by writing this song …so I picked the number 432, wrote these lyrics and then set it to a strange, syncopated rhythm I had come up with.  Sure enough, I started noticing the clock more at 4:32 or I would buy an item for $4.32 or get that in change etc. Still the more I tuned into that number the more frequently it would pop up particularly in connection to the subject of synchronicity …and I wasn’t alone.


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