‘Who is like God?’

I leave it for the reader to find out.

That’s a challenge:
And it makes one wonder and connect the dots and decode this mortally
diseased world.

Early cults worshipped a charismatic huckster that later evolved into



The prophecy that doesn’t answer fails to crack the extra-terrestrial
connection and there simply isn’t enough space to examine the

Box in the consciousness of the well-accomplished understanding.

Historically, there is only One Name.


Moving along, we come to the point in which the misguided advises the

This charlatan is later expanded upon when the complex ego, and the
real star of the show, is the most exciting part of the puzzle.

On the surface, there are a few clues that identify the hologram.

Another possible derivation is from the translation of a universal
inspiration and an allegorical portrait of an androgynous example.

After popping up in numerous places
…there’s always still one level


To recap:

We have a clear indication that is still one more level of
meaning, and THIS IS all the sweeter for its blatancy. THIS IS a very snappy
comeback, since it means that the ‘source of all wisdom‘ equals the

It is an embodiment of the source of the statement, made over the
course of its vast connection to reality.


We’re close to understanding now. We’ve proven the allegory with
puzzles that are proof.

Historically, events are oddly reminiscent of life.

One of the first things one notices is there are many stories told
about a fascinating phenomenon and not an experience.

The picture of comings and goings and oddly synchronized spontaneity
seems improbable without having been involved.

The question is:



This recalls a claim that made a powerful heir.

I am unique.

In My Name I shall provide.

All of this brings us back to one big question:



The Phoenix had done it many times before.

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