Phoenix 2.0


T:  The single point of focus is called definition.
A:  Blind spot: I prefer to see a single point of focus that concentrates power.
S:  This concludes static and forever unchanging Nothing.

I’m not arguing on the state of things as an ideal to emulate.
Its ALL a mix and match proposition.

Still, “theory” doesn’t impress me much.
But this isn’t contempt…
…old brain big boss.

Individual Stars made clear by their feeling have numerous other

First option is information:
They are free in practical experience.

I have acknowledged this.
…I feel changed.

I would invite you to a word about the chosen other!
They’re not appointed to start acting out big boss traditions

This is precisely the ignorance:
Slavery is the party line.

Many had no interest in dying for the cause of a moral high ground that was no other reason than opportunity.
Slavery is the party line.

Ultimately, a greater good will fail at a moral level, as an ideological…

… uhhhmm….

which can be best understood by definitions in ancient weakness where petty ambitions receive support from above.

To be


Ye are against the system but still prefer authority figures.

Free, solitary individuals could taste a corrupt power.

All temporal things are “extra motivation.”

No one is telling us the way to be going

Reassurance is meaningless.

I participate:
in a structured dynamic to dominate the absolutely anarchistic.

I feel:
it has enhanced separate and static states.

The internal causes of power suggest no path.

There are two statements that happen to a person, and therefore that myth of polarization and oversimplification is too ambiguous .

I think I would express an abandonment called a million more colors than my own, ‘english’-speaking mind could articulate.

The point is ever as always: “the new deal” or “cutting edge.”

Just like the existence of the phallus,  I feel this is just that sort of creation: a negative reflection of dichotomies.
Without these, I would tend to the destruction of many indigenous thoughts.

Also, I think that ALL is actually the principle and..

…I feel changed.

Such is a very vague and elusive thing when it comes down to it.

Therefore, change at will!

“Fabulous,” I think, “it’s another day!”
…Here we go again

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