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The true nucleus of ‘the occult’ or ‘illuminati’ is and has always resided in the underground art/music/literary gestalt. This only makes sense since these are the means by which we symbolize the traditions of our cultures and the method by which ALL tradition has been passed either through direct or allegorical description.

It is in the ‘salon’ atmosphere backstage where the most ‘heretical’ sociological ideas are transmitted. In such Temporary Autonomous Zones enough ‘tolerance’ can be generated through a hedonic rapture where people can become uninhibited and express their true state of being. Watchwords like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ take on their true meanings. “Freedom” and “Liberty”are at odds with social convention and define the boundaries of collective sustainability.

In order to maintain the purity of these Mysteries, the underground must continually move toward the periphery of the collective; driven by its natural inclination to rebel against fixed or permanent forms. Institutional ‘form’ is the excrement of creative impulse.

This is indicative of the vast difference between the creative function and the status-quo which manifests and responds as a result of its undulations. The Wizard of Oz must always reside behind a curtain to be the Wizard of Oz. Once he is exposed to the status-quo he becomes pretty much a ‘regular fellow’ and so makes haste to disappear singularly as quickly as possible through what appears to be (to the status quo) a clumsy accident (the method of The Pure Fool, which thus re-instigates the cycle of possibility).

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