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“Southern Circus” CD Review by Alamantra

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Originally Published 02.2012

With fourteen tracks, this CD is nothing less than a good ol’ fashioned Southern feast of sound that spans from New Orleans blues, funk, jazz, psychedelic rock, a little hip hop and a dash of voodoo. These tracks feature the vocals of Milyn Satterfield, who has a voice eerily reminiscent of singers like Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith. She has said her vocal style is something she inherited from her Grandmother, who was a gifted professional singer from “the good ol’ days.” Though, by no means, lacking in modern influences, I like that there is a sense of nostalgia and preservation that runs throughout the recording. It has an organic type of authenticity that I find appealing.


Even though the CD is self-made and self-produced it certainly doesn’t come away as lacking in its recording quality, musicianship or sense of craft. It was recorded and mastered in Birmingham by Emanual Ellinas of Sonic Sitori. Emanual certainly understands sound and processing, having created a line of pedals used by folks like Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth, as well as John Cummings of Mogwai. The musicianship is no less impressive and features some of Birmingham’s favorites: Raymond ‘Ol Tyma’ Hill (Headbaub Entertainment) spittin’ some chill raps,  Carlos Pino (Smokin’ Newports, Ona Watson, Sharriff Simmons) on guitar; Matt Slocum (Susan Tedeschi, Jimmy Herring and Oteil Burbridge) tickling the ivories; the horn work of Chad Fisher (Gregg Allman, Jason Isbell), Gary Wheat (Meteorite, The Temptations)  & Rob Allen;  and vocals from Kenneth (K.d.) Robinson (George Clinton, Smokey Robinson, Jive Mob, Alamantra). The rhythm section is as solid as it gets with Ricky Little and Alex Troughton holding down the bass and drums, respectively. These two have developed their tight rhythmic chemistry since the days of “Jive Mob;” a band that quickly captured ears throughout the South East in the late 1990s.
Overall, this is a damned fine, down-home brew of music that belongs in the collection of anyone who treasures a fresh mix of innovation and preservation. …An excellent piece of work!

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Nov 072015

Well, hot damn! We’ve really gotten to hear our share of some great music over the past few months. Let’s get right to them.

Back last August 21st Catt and I met up with Jennifer Skates and went to Zydeco to hear a relatively new band out of Tuscaloosa called CBDB who were opening for George Porter Jr. & the Runnin’ Pardners.  CBDB has an interesting prog rock vibe with music that is intricate and fairly complex but they do so without losing the listener and they keep the beat solid and in the pocket, so its prog rock you can dance to and some might even mistake it for “jam band” music, but it’s not. One of the more impressive moments of their set was their cover of “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz.  They were followed by George Porter Jr. who made his bones and the bassist for the legendary funk band, The Meters.  George and his band, The Runnin’ Pardners blew the roof of Zydeco. When they sang “Aint nobody gonna out funk me” from Funkify Your Life, they were throwing down a challenge which the crowd responded eagerly to. Continue reading »