Feb 222017
  • Part I

    For a while, the Swedes have been having trouble with Russian submarines being spotted in the waters near Stockholm since 2013-2014. Back in 2015 some Swedish peace activists lowered a flashing gay sailor beacon to mess with the Russians and draw international attention to what is going on there.

    The “experts” have speculated that the Russians may be trying to map the waters, leave intelligence/surveillance beacons or doing general reconnaissance. It hasn’t occurred to any of these ‘experts’ that perhaps the submarines were running a shuttle service right into the fjords near Stockholm or maybe even trying to distract and leave subtle evidence of their presence and activity so that they can accomplish other goals. Maybe a little of both? hmm.

    Last December it was reported that due to recent Russian aggression against Sweden the Swedes had found it necessary to restore their cold war defense systems …which they had dismantled and put in museums 20 years ago.

    In January of this year, the Swedish Institute of International affairs accused Putin of using “forgeries, disinformation, military threats and agents of influence” to disrupt Sweden-NATO cooperation.”

    Part 2

    The so-called ‘Swedish Democrat’ party has gone from being an obscure fringe party since it’s founding in 1988 to making municipal govt. gains in 2006 to gaining 20 seats in Parliament in 2010, to becoming Sweden’s third largest party in 2014. This is a single issue party that has risen on a wave of anti-immigrant hysteria.This party has its roots in a nazi past. http://foreignpolicy.com/…/how-a-former-neo-nazi-party-bec…/

    The presence of Russian submarines along with the rise of internal dissension is a most curious thing. I’m just sayin.’

    Rinkeby, Sweden is where a number of these recent so-called “riots” have occurred. The most recent …which occurred after Trump had denounced it …or some event that otherwise never happened… began with the police arresting someone who was wanted in relation to a narcotics warrant. Apparently a few of his friends got belligerent. It appears that this triggered a separate incident later on that night where it was reported that 15-20 men started smashing stuff and assaulted a reporter (whose name I have not been able to find …which is a curious omission, to say the least.) In the last election Stockholm, of which Rinkeby is a suburb, went for …drum roll… The Swedish Democrats.

    The Swedish press didn’t release information regarding the ethnicity of those involved. I checked with some help from translate.google. However some outlets reporting these stories in the national and international media have put images of brown people climbing fences and what not …subtly threatening anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic highly questionable propaganda. It is most curious to see that there is a very similar story.. going back to 2010.. almost identical …that can be seen at: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/…/06/rioting-in-rinkeby.h…

    The source article makes an odd observation that the police station was attacked and that “23 windows were smashed.” Glad they had time to count. This almost makes the behavior look like a canard and I have seen some stories suggesting that the images are being reused from a different event. I haven’t checked into it as it is beyond the purview of my investigations.

    In 2012 Par Norling, speaking to the media on behalf of the Swedish Democrat party said,

    “that Islam has no place in Sweden. “That can exist elsewhere but in Sweden it doesn’t fit,” he said to Sweden’s national television SVT.
    When asked what ought to be done with those who still want to believe in the religion, despite it being banned, Norling responded: “Then the solution is deportation.””

    This same article goes on to say: “On Friday, the Swedish Democrat Sven-Erik Karlsson commented on the harassment Somalian families have been suffering from teens in the town Forserum, in southern Sweden, saying that all Swedish municipalities ought to have gangs to harass refugees.”

    ** Since I got these quotes from an anti-Islamic, anti-Immigrant site I’m not going to share the link. You can google it if you really want to. **

    What is clear from the above is an attitude that immigrants and refuges should be persecuted and preyed upon …”there ought to be gangs to harass refugees.” Sheesh. So we can see a rising political party fomenting persecution, dissidence, hate and destruction as a way to political power …an ever-effective if obvious tactic. Is it really that far fetched to think that they they might have a hand in these attacks and riots against the cops? Back in February of 2016 it was reported that an Australian film crew for 60 minutes was attacked by a group of masked men in Rinkeby. In March of that same year it was reported that this was a set up by a Swedish Breitbart type of “alt right” site called Avpixlat:

    “In a report on Swedish website Avpixlat dated February 29, Jan Sjunnesson claimed he had “guided” 60 Minutes presenter Liz Hayes and three crew members into Rinkeby, a suburb in which nearly 90 per cent of residents are immigrants.”


    Apparently these Australian reporters were set up to be set upon by masked operatives after their police escort mysteriously left them …which unfortunately suggests that the police have been infiltrated and compromised by Swedish Democrat agents, a hypothesis further bolstered by Swedish Police officer, Peter Springare’s viral anti-immigrant facebook rant. http://www.thelocal.se/…/swedish-police-officer-causes-cont…

    Part 3

    Another story worth mentioning is that yesterday Montenegro accused Russia of trying to undermine it’s government and foment a coup. It seems that Putin’s fingerprints are all over the planet and that there seem to be connections between place of covert Russian activity and the rise of anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic currents. …Of course we do get the word “Caucasian” from the Caucasus mountains. Let me conclude that I’m not saying that Putin alone is responsible or anything like that. There has always been more than a merely psychological connections between fascists and corporate social behaviors and corporations are natural breeding grounds for fascism. However I am suggesting that Putin has mastered synchronizing his ambitions with corporate global aims and has mastered massaging international situations to achieve what appears to be an overarching if obscured strategy.


    Russia, of course, vehemently denies and is insulted and shocked by Montenegro’s accusations.

    Is the anti-immigration right on the rise in Sweden?

    Profile: Far right Sweden Democrats

Jul 102016

“Southern Circus” CD Review by Alamantra

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Originally Published 02.2012

With fourteen tracks, this CD is nothing less than a good ol’ fashioned Southern feast of sound that spans from New Orleans blues, funk, jazz, psychedelic rock, a little hip hop and a dash of voodoo. These tracks feature the vocals of Milyn Satterfield, who has a voice eerily reminiscent of singers like Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith. She has said her vocal style is something she inherited from her Grandmother, who was a gifted professional singer from “the good ol’ days.” Though, by no means, lacking in modern influences, I like that there is a sense of nostalgia and preservation that runs throughout the recording. It has an organic type of authenticity that I find appealing.


Even though the CD is self-made and self-produced it certainly doesn’t come away as lacking in its recording quality, musicianship or sense of craft. It was recorded and mastered in Birmingham by Emanual Ellinas of Sonic Sitori. Emanual certainly understands sound and processing, having created a line of pedals used by folks like Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth, as well as John Cummings of Mogwai. The musicianship is no less impressive and features some of Birmingham’s favorites: Raymond ‘Ol Tyma’ Hill (Headbaub Entertainment) spittin’ some chill raps,  Carlos Pino (Smokin’ Newports, Ona Watson, Sharriff Simmons) on guitar; Matt Slocum (Susan Tedeschi, Jimmy Herring and Oteil Burbridge) tickling the ivories; the horn work of Chad Fisher (Gregg Allman, Jason Isbell), Gary Wheat (Meteorite, The Temptations)  & Rob Allen;  and vocals from Kenneth (K.d.) Robinson (George Clinton, Smokey Robinson, Jive Mob, Alamantra). The rhythm section is as solid as it gets with Ricky Little and Alex Troughton holding down the bass and drums, respectively. These two have developed their tight rhythmic chemistry since the days of “Jive Mob;” a band that quickly captured ears throughout the South East in the late 1990s.
Overall, this is a damned fine, down-home brew of music that belongs in the collection of anyone who treasures a fresh mix of innovation and preservation. …An excellent piece of work!

Royal and Toulouse (Main Site)
Royal and Toulouse (Facebook)

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Jul 092016

This is some garage improv recorded live onto a stereo digital recorder during one of our Solstice jams. It has an instrumental mixture of Eastern and Surf influences. Chris Hendrix: Bass | Jeff Waites: Baritone Guitar | Bobby Shiflett: Guitar | Kenneth Shiflett: Drums

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Nov 132015

Since the corporate cable media won’t talk about this, let me share some GOOD news . This is what I call bringing home the (tofu) bacon baby! A 90 TRILLION dollar energy REVOLUTION. Cleaner air, cleaner water, cheaper energy, less erosion, less C02 How in the hell can someone be against all of that? If Obama can get the U.S. to the table it would be a substantial and worthy benefit for both his legacy and our future. The rest of the world is on board and the U.S. and China are the big hold-ups. China is shifting it’s position, though, and this summit is going to be BIG …and will represent a HISTORIC shift of the global paradigm. India is going so far as to plant new forests to sequester CO2 (and make oxygen) Continue reading »

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Nov 112015
We're sorry but the number you have reached is no longer in service.

We're sorry but the number you have reached is no longer in service.

Damn, double damn and the devil be damned!!! Does anyone actually pay their AT&T bill online? Does anyone know how? Sheesh! AT&T doesn’t make it where you can just log in: ‘this is what you owe,’ ‘click this button and you’re done’ …’and good day.’ They’ve got all of this crap about linking accounts and using some AT&T email address that we don’t want or need …and their instructions are vague to say the least. They probably outsourced the whole thing. The phone company is bound and determined to make the customers wait in line or wander aimlessly through the website …They’re bound and determined to waste our time while they put a premium price on this experience: “and that will be $200.00 a month” with no “please,” “thank you” or kiss on the cheek. It now appears that it is going to be easier and less time consuming to drive to the bank and get some cash and  then drive up to a Cash Connection to pay it. I hate AT&T ….Really, I do. Continue reading »

Nov 072015

Well, hot damn! We’ve really gotten to hear our share of some great music over the past few months. Let’s get right to them.

Back last August 21st Catt and I met up with Jennifer Skates and went to Zydeco to hear a relatively new band out of Tuscaloosa called CBDB who were opening for George Porter Jr. & the Runnin’ Pardners.  CBDB has an interesting prog rock vibe with music that is intricate and fairly complex but they do so without losing the listener and they keep the beat solid and in the pocket, so its prog rock you can dance to and some might even mistake it for “jam band” music, but it’s not. One of the more impressive moments of their set was their cover of “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz.  They were followed by George Porter Jr. who made his bones and the bassist for the legendary funk band, The Meters.  George and his band, The Runnin’ Pardners blew the roof of Zydeco. When they sang “Aint nobody gonna out funk me” from Funkify Your Life, they were throwing down a challenge which the crowd responded eagerly to. Continue reading »

Nov 072015


After a lengthy hiatus from the blogosphere, I’m getting this baby cranked back up. There’s been too much water  under the bridge since I last posted or even cared about posting. I have a whole lot on my plate and so this won’t be as regular sooner as it will be later. I know that right now the design is bare bones but that is sure to change …so stay tune to watch the evolution! This site will serve as an archive for various things I’ve done over the years and I’ll post them as I find them or think them relevant. I’ll also be posting news items that I think are worth sharing. I’ll also be writing reviews about some of the bands I’ve been hearing, some of the books I’ve been reading …yes, people do still READ …books….  and some of the videos and movies I’ve been seeing. There will inevitably be the obligatory political and social rants and then there will be a whole assortment of other items that I find of interest and wish to pass on to posterity.  In this way we’ll get to know one another. Continue reading »