To Sweden With Love

Part I For a while, the Swedes have been having trouble with Russian submarines being spotted in the waters near Stockholm since 2013-2014. Back in 2015 some Swedish peace activists lowered a flashing gay sailor beacon to mess with the Russians and draw international attention to what is going on there. The “experts” have speculated […]

Royal and Toulouse and their Southern Circus

“Southern Circus” CD Review by Alamantra Posted on February 5, 2012 by admin Originally Published 02.2012 Alamantra With fourteen tracks, this CD is nothing less than a good ol’ fashioned Southern feast of sound that spans from New Orleans blues, funk, jazz, psychedelic rock, a little hip hop and a dash of voodoo. These tracks […]

$90 Trillion on the Table at the December Paris Summit.

Since the corporate cable media won’t talk about this, let me share some GOOD news . This is what I call bringing home the (tofu) bacon baby! A 90 TRILLION dollar energy REVOLUTION. Cleaner air, cleaner water, cheaper energy, less erosion, less C02 How in the hell can someone be against all of that? If […]

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The Phone Company!

Damn, double damn and the devil be damned!!! Does anyone actually pay their AT&T bill online? Does anyone know how? Sheesh! AT&T doesn’t make it where you can just log in: ‘this is what you owe,’ ‘click this button and you’re done’ …’and good day.’ They’ve got all of this crap about linking accounts and […]