Alamantra.net features the music and various other interests of Bobby Shiflett, who has used “Alamantra” as an artistic moniker since 1995. In 2000 he, along with Andrew Reid and his brother, Kenneth Shiflett began performing as a band under that name as well. Over the years the band has undergone numerous line-ups, contortions, evolution, revolutions, ablutions, revelations and all manner of other growing pains. As of 2016, the band, Alamantra is back to it’s original lineup.
In addition to using Alamantra as a band name, Bobby has used Alamantra as an online persona, written various essays, articles, reviews etc under that moniker as well. This site is to be a sort of creative repository and a blog of current events and other things we find of interest.  There will be articles, poems, lyrics, commentary on lyrics, reviews of bands that we find something cool to say about, personal rants and gods know what else. Thanks for visiting.

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